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I have created over 30 email Sources, Parsers and Actions.
I can't see or edit the existing actions at the bottom of the list because they are hidden beyond the window and there is no scroll bar in the left panel.
The same applies with the "Add Action" button in the left panel.
Yes, this is a bug we should fix in the next release. At this time the only workaround is to resize the Email&Parser window to make room for all the elements of the left panel.

thanks for pointing this out.
Even resizing does not seem to work. When I try to resize the interface quickly and automatically fills the screen, keeping those previously invisible Actions invisible.

My work around is to click on the lowest invisible Action, use the down arrow to go down to the next lowers one. When I estimate I have reached the Action I want I then move it up to the visible area using the green "up" arrow. If I picked the wrong Action I try again until I pick the right action. Long process, but that all I can do for now.
thanks for the detailed info. I tried to reproduce the same behavior on my computer (windows 7 x64) but seems to work fine. All the actions are shown correctly. Could you send a screenshot of the left panel just after resizing the window when the actions are not shown? Any other information would be very useful.
I have emailed the screenshot of the left panel