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Hey everybody,
I am using email parser since some days and face the problem that mails are marked as „read“ in my email account after beeing processed.
This way my mobile phone shows no emails as „unread“ anymore although i only sort some of them out, process them and leave the others untouched.
What do i have to to sort some mails out and leave the rest „unread/untouched“ for later manual handling ?

Thanks alot,
Hi Lars,

Yes, this is something that it is probably a bit annoying. What type of email source are you using? (IMAP, POP, Gmail...)

Some email servers mark the email as read automatically when an app downloads that given email. It is something that happens automatically without Email Parser asking to do so.

May be changing the email source type helps. Outlook dot com, for instance supports IMAP, POP and Exchange. Gmail supports IMAP, POP and its own protocol.

Note that you can also configure Email Parser to take the emails from a specific folder or label (by default it is the INBOX). Changing that would prevent marking all incoming emails as read because Email Parser will not download all your email, only those from that folder. Gmail, for instance, have an option to move an incoming email to a label/folder automatically when some conditions are met.

I hope that helps
I also have the same issue.
I am using IMAP settings
When the parser downloaded and process the email, it is being marked as read.

Can you please help me how to set it as unread after processing?
It cannot be done with the current version (5.1). However, an action to change the status of the email being processed to read/unread is in the roadmap for next versions
Version 5.2 is released, however it seems still change the status of the email being processed.
any advise? Thanks.

Yes, we investigated on this issue for the 5.2 release but could not find a standard way that reverted the email to unread status.