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Need help configuring the program? Have any questions regarding its use?
I have a question: Is there a simple way to export the parsing and database actions? I will be traveling for two weeks and would like to use your program on the road but will be using a different computer than the one the program is usually run on. From what I see, it looks like I would have to recreate all of the actions on the travel PC...???
The program stores its configuration in a xml file that it is stored under the application data folder. Depending on your computer configuration the location of this file changes, for example, mine is:
If you are using the latest version (1.3) you can also backup and restore the configuration file under Toolbar->Preferences->Configuration file

looking for the email*.xml file in my whole hard drive and didn't found.

It seem backup file store too email list processed according to size file ?

It is not possible to add an option for backup ONLY rules (sources / parser / action) for parsing ?


It is not possible to add an option for backup ONLY rules (sources / parser / action) for parsing ?
Under "Preferences->Backup and restore settings" everything is backed up, including the emails download, configuration etc.

To copy only the configuration (email sources, parsers and actions, nothing else) you need manually find the Settings.xml file. The easiest way to find it is typing this on the file manager:
config_folder.jpg (6.88KiB)Viewed 4055 times
Then click on a folder called "FrozenFrog Software", then click on the folder "EmailAndParser", then open the folder corresponding to your Email&Parser version, if you are using the 3.1. There you will find the Settings.xml file. Copying it on the same location on other computer will move the configuration without all the database of emails as you refer.

ok many thank.