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I need a little help: In my email I have different series of RIC digits, all 6 digits long like


With the capture method "Regular expression match", the formula " [0-9]{6}[,]{1} " and the checkmark for "This field can appear multiple times" I get a table with all RIC results.

In the running " The parser produced the following results:" I also get the list with all RIC results.

Then I want to get a txt-file with all results: I only have the possibility to write it like RIC <%RIC%>. Now the problem ist, that I only get the last RIC digits:

RIC 213456,

How can I get the complete results in the txt-file, like:

RIC 123456,123457,213456, ?

Many thanks for help!
Hi Buxi,

Thanks for posting in the forum. These kind of questions are always useful for other users.

You can find in the attached screenshots how to do that. Basically the actions do the following:

1) Add the RIC word (not the actual number, just "RIC") to the text file
2) For each value in the RIC field save to the text file

If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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