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Pls help, which action/type can determine that the loop has finished running / or to check that all sets are done.
I would like to combine all the results of each set and bulk send them in an email. What's currently happening is, it sends an email for each result.

This can be done with a combination of two actions:

- Define static field values: To store fields that flag that something went wrong
- Conditional run: To jump to another action or not depending if the field created before indicates an error

It is a complex topic. If you post an image of your left panel or contact me by email I think I could give you a more detailed explanation.
Sorry, I thought I included the image on my post. Pls see attached.
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I think you should link the block of actions that prepare and send the email (Prepare Email reply, Multi ContainerBody etc) directly to the action that goes before the loop. I have attached some images for reference.

This way the email is sent only once and after all the SQL queries are done. Email Parser runs the actions from top to bottom so it will do the loop block first.

Also, you can use an action of type "Define static field values" to store the result of the sql query and use it later in the email. In the image below this action is called "Append result to existing field"

Note that what I have done here is only possible with the version 5.3 you can download at
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