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Version 5.1
Everytime I execute a Parser, in the output a new entry is added.
See attchement.
It looks like the value of the parser is correct, so just one value but the output shows multiple.

The parser looks like attachment "parser1".
The input is a HttpResponse which looks like this:

Any ideas?
parser.PNG (7.2KiB)Viewed 4170 times
It keeps adding values.
parser2.PNG (9.98KiB)Viewed 4165 times
After restarting the windows service the list is cleared and the adding starts over again.

Yes, this is a known bug of the version 5.1. It is already addressed in the version 5.2 which is in Beta and you can download here:

We are finishing the last details of the version 5.2 so a stable version that replaces the 5.1 will be available soon, probably this week.