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Hi guys,

I receive generated email orders, with the order being attached as an XML. Is Email Parser capable of opening the XML attachment and parsing the XML to print in a manner I specify?

Secondly, am I likely to be capable of achieving this (I'd consider myself a beginner with basic Excel/VBA scripting experience).

Thanks for any input,

Hi Logan,

I already talked to you via Skype but I think answering this question may be interesting for the people finding this question.

Email Parser can parse attached DOC, TXT and PDF files (see Advanced settings under the email source settings) but XML is not supported, sorry. I think this is a must have an I will add it to the wish list for the next version.
Just a small update to this old forum thread.

From version 4.6 and up XML and CSV attached files are supported. Its contents are automatically available to be parsed under the AttachmentsContent field.