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I like this tool as I am playing with it more and more so I will buy it. But before that, can you help me to put this together as a process after parsing? Here is what I am trying to achieve.

1. Check email at a specific address coming from that address. Each email has text attachment with same file name i.e.filename.txt
2. Parse each email for subject and body. Create separate fields on different criteria.
3. Enter these fields in database table.
4. Create second email which includes specific fields which were parsed along with the attachment which was in received email and send it to specific group along with original attachment.
5. The challenge is attachment can not be added in that step. If I add that in the body, it can only show the name of attachment file.

Any help is really appreciated.


Hello Umya,

Yes, that is a known limitation of Email&Parser. In the current version no attachments can be sent aling with outgoing messages. We will consider this for future versions.