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HI guys,

I'm testing the parsing and retrieving text from a pdf file and with only one page this seems to work just fine. But is there a setting to also parse and retrieve the text from a second (or more) page? Seems logical this should work but I can't find the way to do it.

regards, J
Hello James,

Can you forward one of those PDFs to I have just checked multiple page PDFs and seem to work.
Sure, but I can't upload a pdf (gives me a message that it's not allowed. The other file is a part of the log file so you can see it stops after 1 page.
I send it to send with Skype
Fixed and uploaded a new setup file to:
Pardon my intrusion to this thread. I would like to know, the feature about "parsing and retrieving text from a pdf file"

Is it only available in the current premium version? Or is it also available at the previous free version?

Thank you

Best regards,
Hello Eric (and James)

The version you can download from the website has the same features, the only limitation is that it only works for 30 days.

Today, a new version of the program has been released. The way the attachments are handled has changed completely, now a field called "AttachmentsContent" is simply created with no further setup. You can use any of the email parsing methods that the program supports to capture the text you need from this field. As if you were capturing it from the field "Body".