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I want to implement a database search that is insensitive to plural/singular, order and case of the words used in an input string. I am using MySQL database. For example if the input string is:

"woman looking for a desktop, Printers and laptopS"

the search must return all rows that contain any of the following words or phrases containing any of the following words in any order and whether they contain upper or lower case letters:
woman women desktop desktops printer printers laptop laptops

How do I do this?
MySQL fulltext search cannot handle the plural/singular and regular expressions in MySQL are sensitive to the order of the words.
This is a complex issue as it deals on how plural words are formed in English. You would need to create a script in Email & Parser or even a separate program to deal with this.

It will also probably require to create new database tables with the words you already have in the database and in which rows of other table are stored...

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I discovered I could do this using a search engine. I am trying out Apache Lucene/Solr and it seems it will do what I want.
Great. Thanks for sharing it here.