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We're currently using e-mail parser quite a bit as a service running on a virtual machine. To ensure that we can quickly recover from a disaster I was wondering if it's possible to automate a backup of the e-mail parser settings?

Currently we ask our engineers to manually make a backup if they change a setting but it would be nice if this could be automated or scripted.
Hi Tim,

Email Parser stores all its data in a folder that is usually the following:

C:\Users\<user here>\AppData\Roaming\EmailParser\<version here>\

If you are using the Windows service this path is different. Just follow the link under the Email Parser settings and it will show you the folder.

You can just copy the files here with a backup tool. The only problem I see is that if the file copy is run just in the precise moment where Email Parser is changing something you will get a corrupt backup or a file locking error.

The file Settings.XML is only changed when you modify anything on the left panel so you are safe just copying this file. If you have already Email Parser configured and will not create or modify items you are safe to copy it anytime.

But the ProcessedEmails.Sqlite and Log.html are changed when a new email is processed so you may run into problems with these ones.

Fortunately, the file Settings.XML is everything you need to recover from a disaster. Just copy this file to the same path, open Email Parser again and everything will work. You will lost the log and the captured field information you can see in the email list. Everything else will work.
settings path.png
Thanks for the detailed explanation!
In our case I think the Settings.xml file will suffice so we'll start by putting that one in backup.