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Note from the Email&Parser support:

From version 3.1 emails can be reprocessed this way:

- Click on the toolbar button "Email history"
- Select the email or emails you want to reprocess
- Click on the botton "Flag this email for reprocessing"
- Close the email history window.
- Click on "Chek email sources and process emails" on the toolbar. Email&Parser will check for new emails and will also reprocess all the email that have been marked for reprocessing.

I need to re-process some emails as I had to change some field entries. I don't seem able to re-process emails that have already been seen by emailparser. Is there a way I can flag them as unprocessed?
Not in the current version, sorry. In the next version, that will be released in a few weeks, this can be done deleting items in the email history tab under the email source settings. Do you want me to send you the Beta version when it is ready?
Yes please. At the moment this is a problem for me as I can't now extract the data. I am trying to move it to a different email source so that it will process those headers.
I managed to get round it in the end by forwarding each of the email items to a different email account and then re-processing but obviously that added quite a bit of time to the job.
Thanks for posting the workaround Jrown. In the meantime, it will be helpful for other users
I've got the same issue as Jrown - I processed more than 700 emails and then realized I had left out a crucial field from the processing. Now I need to reprocess them all and it's too many emails for me to manage forward them all on to another account...

So, can I have the beta version too, please? Assuming of course that the new version is not just about to be released...


Terry, I've just added you to the list

I hope to have the beta or at least something that works in one week or so :)
Terry, I've just added you to the list

I hope to have the beta or at least something that works in one week or so :)
Thank you!

I look forward to receiving it...

Any news on the promised beta for 1.4 emerging over the horizon yet? 8-) Just asking! ;)

Best wishes,

Not yet, sorry Terry!

I think I am adding to many features this time ;)

I try fo flag email to reproccessing.
I try delete email from history ... go=topic19
(both many times)

BUT the email list still appear in the history even after reboot the computer...
(if I make a backup the file is very big, seams prove than backup save email list precessed,... and email still inhistory ?)

And I have still 1000 emails that I CAN'T check and process in my inbox in my webmail...

any idea ?



I'm a bit lost about what you are trying to achieve. Do you mean that after clicking on "Delete email form history" the emails or emails are still in the list?
Yes. even after reboot they are still here.

ok I move the 1.sdf file and now it proceed with all emails in the inbox :-)

Yes, deleting the sdf files (where the email history is saved) is a workaround. Thanks for pointing it out.

We will investigate on this issue. Sometimes, when working with thousands of emails the email history seems to not work properly.