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I am trying to build a process where we can bounce emails sent directly to our help desk to our ticketing system as if the user had sent the email. If I forward the email to the mailbox it puts the original sender details like this into the body of the message.

From: Test User
Sent: Friday, June 7, 2013 12:52 PM
To: User One
Subject: DFS to share files

I can easily parse out the info I need from here but my problem is how do I turn the original from "Test User" into test users actual email address? I already have my email server configured to allow me to do what I want I just need the email address and to be able to tell the parser to send an email as that person.
I've worked out a solution that involves VBA scripting to grab the original address and drop it into the forwarded email body which I then retrieve using this program.

Only issue I am having now is I want to remove those lines from the new email body but can't see a way to create a variable for the original body that includes everything from line 4 to the end of the email. If I put in a stop at line number that does not include text it does not put any text into the variable so I can't just say go from line 4 to 999. If I say go from line 4 to line 10 and 10 contains text it works fine.
Could you post an example of that email body where you want to remove the first four lines? This can be accomplished with a regular expression. Let me show you how.

Regarding to forwarding using another email address, I will file it in the wishlist for the next versions (seems to be a good idea) but I don't know if it will be finally implemented.