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newbie here, so i apologize if this is basic, but i just haven't found it.

Is there a way to setup a rule that will forward an email that does not contain an attachment? I'm parsing emails that should all have attachments and saving those attachments to a directory for another system to grab. If the email doesn't contain an attachment, i'd like for it to be forwarded to another email thats actually monitored by a human.

Any help would be appreciated
Hi Derek,

That is an interesting question, no worries.

In order to do that you need to check if the AttachmentsContent field is empty or does not exist. This can be done with an action of type "Conditional run". See the screenshots below.
check_if_email_has_attachments.jpg (107.86KiB)Viewed 4103 times
automatic_email_forwarding.jpg (129.18KiB)Viewed 4103 times
I did use the settings specified here, but <%AttachmentsContent%> is always empty, even when there is an attachment.

In output it is detected: AttachedFileName 2019-01-31 Mirth Backup.xml

But the action does not:
········ Running action Must contain attachment
Determining if '' contains any value
The condition has not been met
Strange that if '' is empty.
The previous example only works in version 4 but on version 5, which is what you are probably using, the way attachments work has changed a little bit:

  • The field AttachmentContent no longer exists.
  • A new field called AttachedFileName contains the file names of the attachments (not the content)
  • The content of the attachments need to be explicitely read using a field of type "Read attachment". See On previous versions attachments were always read and the content was placed in AttachmentContent. This is no longer the case.

So you can check wether or not there is attachments using AttachedFileName instead of AttachmentContent