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first of all, i´m very amazed by the product and am going to purchase.

I have not been able to find this, although i very strongly believe that such a function is available somewhere.

I use the Save Email function to store the currently processed Email in a folder that has been determined by a sql script. what i am missing is a way to name the file itself. In the "Save Emails as an EML file to:" fields i can specify the path with a parameter, but it seems that the email is named with a consecutive number and i have no possibility to determine the filename, but it is save as (17.eml,18.eml).
I found an example of renaming the file later, but the example file does not load in my e&P v 3.4
since the purpose of my usage is to store emails on a case system (both as a db entry and a file where the filename needs to be matched on the db), this is pretty importnant to me....