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I actually test "email parser" trial. All seems fine but are are company based in thailand and the language is non-english :


I set the process to import directly to mysql (I test my db is ok for thai characters). After import I checked, character in english appears correctly but thai characters appears like this :


Any suggestions would be welcome,
Hello Khampol,

Thanks for posting this question here. I am sure it will be useful also for other users. I will paste here the answer to your email and you can reply here or we can continue the conversation privately by email.
Hello Khampol,

Email Parser stores everything using UTF8 so non-english characters should be shown correctly. Well, this is the theory but it seems it is not working fine.

Could you send me more info such as screenshots, settings files etc. Everything you may think useful to get an idea of what happened and be able to address the problem from here.

Best regards,

I try 2 things :

1 - Copy paste query generate by Email Parser then execute SQl : its fine, the records appear in thai correctly.

2 - In excel generated by Email Parser, i check and there also records and the thai lang. is also correct in Excel.

=> I would say that there probably something wrong during the program sending query to MySql...

( Ps : I would just add that i test also another mail parser from another company and all fine. I confirm that my db is correctly configured. )
Could you send me one of your SQL sentences with thai characters for testing? You can use fake data, I just need to reproduce the same scenario here.