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Hi all, thank you to accept my registration!
I'm very bad with the code so I'm sorry if I have a stupid question :)
Is it possible to filter emails in a time window? Exemple I would like that all the e-mails received by a sender from 22h30 to 8h30 are deleted and form 8h31 to 22h299 are forwarded to another mail account.
Yes, definitely possible.
Check out: ... filters-18
You will need to edit that C# script to read the sent date/time stamp, and only consider the time portion, i.e. ignore the date portion, then assign the boolean to either true or false.

Here is a prototype of that:
Code: Select allusing System; using System.Net.Mail; using AutomatedEmailParser.Logic.ScriptingInterface; public class MyFilter : ScriptBasedEmailFilter { public override bool FilterEmail(MailMessage msg) { // // Example: (NOTE: Prototype, to be tested) // Check at what time of day the email was sent bool condition1; TimeSpan startNight = new TimeSpan(22, 30, 0); //22:30 (10:30 PM) TimeSpan endNight = new TimeSpan(8, 30, 0); //8:30 (8:30 AM) DateTime receivedDate; TimeSpan receivedTimeOfDay; try // Read the Sent date/time fron the message header { receivedDate = Convert.ToDateTime(msg.Headers["Date"]); receivedTimeOfDay = DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay; } catch // Use the current time (should be close enough if the service is running, executing every 1 or 5 mins) { receivedDate = DateTime.Now; receivedTimeOfDay = DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay; } if ((receivedTimeOfDay > startNight) && (receivedTimeOfDay < endNight)) { condition1 = true; // Email sent at night } else { condition1 = false; // Email during the day } // The email is not blocked if sent at Night return (condition1); } }
UPDATE: Turns out there was already a similar question asked and answered, so you have another answer to this question here: ... -t125.html