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I would like to use a script to access the array of "NameValueCollection fields" while still in the "Parser Context" aka Before reaching the Actions Area. Using a Script To validate and correct data "Inline" in prior fields as a final step before Moving to a Lengthy Set of Actions with multiple HTTP Requests, Curl commands, and Script Based Actions.

*The ScriptBasedAction class is very capable of this and works Great in the Actions area.
As im joining around10 parsers each with (20+ text fields) all being hubbed into one Action, I would like to validate the fields before Actions Area with a script.
Heres where im stuck:

Code: Select allusing System; using System.Text; using System.IO; using System.Collections.Generic; using EmailParserBackend.ScriptingInterface; public class MyScriptBasedEmailParser : ScriptBasedParser // do not modify class name { public override NameValueCollection ExtractTextFrom(NameValueCollection fields) { // Prior fields ive created in this parser to accsess // MailMessage email fields arent necessary NameValueCollection returned_fields = new NameValueCollection(); parser string client_name = fields["client_name"]; string account_number = fields["account_number"]; string client_address = fields["client_address"]; string[] pairs = client_address.Split(new char[]{','}); foreach (string pair in pairs) { returned_fields.Add(pair.Trim()); } return(returned_fields); }

Email Parser Software has been a tremendous asset for my small business. Thank you again.