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Is it possible to create a loop in the script based parser to parse through numerous lines?

A sample of the data I have to parse is:

I have a script that can work through the first line nicely, but can I loop through the rest of the lines? There will be an untold amount of lines.. generally 10-20 but occasionally it goes into 5 figures!

This is actually a CSV file attachment that I receive via email - so another hurdle I have is how to get the contents from the CSV into the email body (or pleeease can EmailParser append (csv,txt,doc etc) attachment contents into the email body? ;))

Thanks :D

Maybe something like this can help you a little... (I know, it's simple, but it works):

// Break the string "mydata" into pieces:
string mydata = "11200|499.00|2880.00|31/10/2011|2880.00|0.35";
char[] valid_word_separators = new char[] {'|'};
string[] pieces = mydata.Split(valid_word_separators);

//Now you have an array "pieces" with the content.
//Iterate through the array to get your data.

int n=0;
string piece_1 = "";
string piece_2 = "";
string piece_3 = "";

foreach(string piece in pieces)
// Do whatever you want with a piece...
if (n==0) piece_1 = piece;
if (n==1) piece_2 = piece;
if (n==2) piece_3 = piece;
// etc...
By the way, you can also split your data 'block' with \n of \r as the separator.
I guess this would give you an array with datalines in it.