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I use an Action to detect if there is an attachment. I did use an example from the forum but do not get the result expected.

If <%AttachmentsContent%> contains anything results in:
········ Running action Must contain attachment
Determining if '' contains any value
The condition has not been met

But in output the attachment is detected:
AttachedFileName 2019-01-31 Mirth Backup.xml

Any suggestions?
Can you post a screen capture of the item "Must contain attachment" ?
Here it is.

But now I did read in an other reaction of you, that AttachmentsContent isnt available anymore in version 5.
So that explains the issue I have.

I did replace AttachmentsContent by AttachedFileName and now it works.

Is there a complete list with all these variables available?
must contain.PNG
You can see the fields in an email going to your email source, picking an email and then going to the Fields tab. There you can see all the fields: From, To, Subject, AttachedFileName etc.

Here is a link to the other forum thread. For the people that may get confused about what is this about: