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Hi there,

just installed your new version and I must say it looks great. Nice redesign! Unfortunately, I also ran into some trouble. In the 4.5 version, a pdf file was parsed and the body of the pdf file was available in certain fields. Now, in the 4.6 version, the pdf file is not parsed and there are no fields available for writing anything into the database. Is there an option I need to activate or something else I need to do or is this a bug or maybe even it works as designed (hope not!)?

hope to hear from you soon, Regards J.
Hi James,

I will copy here the reply I have just written to the email you sent to . Thanks for also posting the question in the forum, this will be useful for other people.
From version 4.6 the text in attached PDF files (and other file formats) is added automatically to a field called AttachmentContent. There is no need to activate an option or enable something. Take a look at the email history window, under the "resulting fields" tab you should see this field and its actual value.

Please, let me know if this works for you. It is a new feature and any comment is welcome :)
And a screenshot for reference: