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I setup a sample group of messages to test, a few dozen, out of a larger group of thousands of messages that must eventually be parsed. The program is correctly extracting the data I need, however, only the last message in the group is being written to an Excel file. Thus, the Excel file only has one line of extracted info. I am trying to generate an Excel file with ALL extracted data, one line per message. Any help in configuration will be appreciated.

Usually, each time the Excel action is run a line is added at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Can you give me more information about your current settings? You can send some screenshots or copying a pasting here the output of Email Parser. Anything that you think can be useful.

If you do not want to disclose this information here you can send me it to
Just an update on this issue, just in case someone reads this forum thread and has the same problem

I have exchanged some emails with the user and the problem was fixed updating Email Parser to the version 4.8