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I've just upgraded to 4.8 and everything runs fine except for the parsing of content from attachments.
I have a regex filter that gathers a system name from backup reports attached to an e-mail.
In the previous version this worked just fine, however now the system name isn't returned anymore.

I've installed the old version on a seperate server and there the processing still runs just fine.
There is however a difference in the output:
version 4.7:

version 4.8:
version4.7.png (2.67KiB)Viewed 532 times
version4.8.png (1.43KiB)Viewed 532 times
Hi Tim,

It seems to be a bug. When Email Parser reads an attached file it uses a temporary file with a path like this:


And according to the error you are getting it seems as if the random filename already existed before and could not be replaced.

Can you open C:\Users\UserNameHere\AppData\Local\Temp\ delete any txt file there and try again?
Please let me know if it is working again or not. Whether it works or not it is probably something that needs to be fixed.

I've just cleared the entire Temp directory and now the parser is running without issues indeed.
I'll keep an eye on it to see if the issue occurs again after some time.