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Trying to update database and I get the following error:

········ Running Set Next ID

Connecting to ODBC Data Source

Running SQL statement

Update temlparms
set zNXTID = zNXTID + 1
where zFORMT = upper(' Registration')

Error. Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow..

I am running Windows 8.1 64 bit; the ODBC is iSeries DB2 connector. The update actually works, even though the error message is displayed.

Because of the error, this causes the processing to stop (the next step to run is based on no error occurring).

Is there something that needs to be done?
set zNXTID = zNXTID + 1 where zFORMT = upper(' Registration')
Have you tried runinng this SQL sentence against the database server directly? (without Automated Email Parser)

Everything was working correctly on the release I was using (3.4 I believe). I just downloaded and installed the latest release of Automated Email Parser (v4.2). There were some significant changes made from the version I had previously installed. The old version was working wonderful; except for the one issue I had with the adding spaces, everything was working great. The old program had been running since 2012 without a hitch. Now, since I am in the process of upgrading hardware (we just installed two new servers, and I got a brand new workstation with Windows 8.1), I thought I would download and install the latest version of automated email parser. I am having to go back and redo all the scripts because of the change made in the classes. Not that big of a deal, but, as I am working through some of these issues, it just appears that this latest version is very "buggy". This bug I am working appears every time I try to update any file... the file updates fine, but the process fails.
I wanted to post a quick update as I am going to be gone for two weeks on vacation. I have been working on this problem all week, and I think I finally figured it out.

I had downloaded the new version 4.2 to replace the old version, 3.4. I downloaded this new version onto a Windows Server 2012, which is a replacement for another older Windows Server 2008 server. Then when it didn't work, I loaded 4.2 onto my brand new Windows 8.1 workstation, which was a replacement for a Windows Vista workstation. After I loaded the parser program, I keep getting several errors. I had never actually loaded 3.4 onto either of these new machines originally as they were replacements for our older equipment. Because of the problems, I thought, okay, I knew 3.4 was working (it worked for a couple years), so, because I had kept the original download of that version (3.4), I installed 3.4 on Windows Server 2012... I was a little surprised at first - same problems occurred. Okay, installed 3.4 on Windows 8.1 workstation. Hmmm....same problems occurring with workstation.

Okay, I loaded 3.4 on a different machine - a Windows 7 machine. It works!! Okay, loaded 4.2 on this same machine - it worked too! Okay, load 4.2 on my other Windows Server 2008 machine. IT WORKS too!

Okay...what is different? Well, my new Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1 are 64 bit machines. My old Windows Server 2008 is R1, running 32 bit; Windows 7 workstation is also running 32 bit.

What that tells me is this parser program doesn't do so well on 64 bit machines, using the ODBC I am using. I did some research on the iSeries as well. What IBM is saying is that they have a new PTF coming out for the client access program, which includes some is updates to the ODBC driver. My feeling is that the ODBC driver is causing some issues as IBM has been just a little behind in incorporating their stuff into Windows environments. But I won't know for sure until I get the latest PTF's installed and applied, which will be a little bit yet.

For those that may be interested, I am running this email parser as a front end for our forms emails that are generated from our website, and then uploading the parsed data to an IBM iSeries system (formerly known as AS/400) to be processed through our ERP system; IBM iSeries uses DB2 database structure. We are currently running OS/400 V7R1 operating system, which was just upgraded from V5R4 2 months ago. This required re-installation of the client access programs on our workstations as well. Client Access is where the ODBC drivers are located. We have the IBM iSeries as our main processing server, and I have two other Windows servers in play - one is our data storage server, and the other handles our network back bone. Because it is a smaller machine, we just replaced the network backbone server which was running Windows 2008 R1 with a Windows 2012 server. This was the machine that was had the 3.4 Email And Parser on it. The data storage server is still in use, and it may be a while before that is replace. It has Windows 2008 R1 on it as well, running in 32 bit. I will move the new 4.2 Automated email parser over to this machine, and let it run on there for a while.

The Automated Email Parser is a great program, and after playing with the new version (4.2), there are some significant improvements that really help in design of data flow. Also, it helped to review some of the documentation, and, I also downloaded the Expresso expression creator to assist in creating a few custom expressions that save a lot of programming on the iSeries.