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I've set up a parser to read the contents of an attachment. However, the attachments we receive from a mainframe don't have a file extension and apparently the email parser doesn't read the attachments.
If I send the e-mail again from my computer with a .txt extension on the attachment, the parser works but the mainframes are unable to add an extension so this is not something we can change on that end.

Is there a way to read these kind of attachments and use the contents?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Tim,

Unfortunately, reading attached files needs the correct file extension (TXT in this case) and can only be done before actually changing the attached file name. But there is a little hack you can do: Save the file to a folder, rename it and send it back to yourself. Then parse the email normally.

In the attached screenshots you can see how it should be done
renaming attachment.png
sending email to myself.png

Thank your for the hack. I've set it up this way and the parsing works.
Is the ability to parse an attachment after an action perhaps on the feature list for future releases or is this something you would consider adding?
I can think of a few cases where we could simplify our current way of handling some e-mails like this.
I think we will keep it this way. We decided to do it mostly for ease of use as most users do the parsing before going to the Actions section (not backwards)