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I just downloaded version 4.4 to try it out. I am trying to use the script base processing, and use the CallAction command. I get an error message when running:
········ Started

Running pre-run automated processes

········ Running Pre-Process

Error. Unable to compile the script:
Line 20: No overload for method 'CallAction' takes 2 arguments

This is the line in the script:
Code: Select allPrint("Start pre-processing... "); CallAction("InitProcessCounter", fields);
Did the CallAction change, or are there specific options that need to be used?
Nevermind, I found the problem, there was a change. I was trying to use an older version script (I think it was a version 3.3 script; something from 2012). It only required 2 parameters. I see version 4.4 requires 3.

I was trying to update the old script with the new components in Ver 4.4, and missed the callaction update.
Thanks for posting here anyway. It may help other users with the same issue