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Post here if you experience problems or get unexpected errors.
i m trying to configure pop3 account to pick up attachments from a mail box having more than 12k email messages

getting two errors
one ----cannot connect to application back end - closed the application and started again but no change

Two ----- the communication object system something, see in attachment
error parser.gif

What version are you using?
We fixed some issues regarding to the connection error you see a while ago. You can also try downloading the 5.3 Beta and see if the problem persists:
unistalled 5.2 and installed 5.3 beta

its givig error, see attached screenshot.

after trying to get emails, the loading on left side is continuously showing
error 2 parser.gif
after a few mins the loading action stopped and error is there

see screenshot

kindly help as i like the software but need reliability, my email source will be having thousands of emails always as it is storing emails for 90 days before deletion.

the average emails to be processed daily will be about 1500
error 3 parser.gif
I think I would need to see it running (sharing the screen) to know what could be wrong. As far as I can tell you it is not very common but let's see: