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I set Email Parser to run on open and to close when done.

Now I cannot edit anything as it closes before I can do anything/edit.

Yes, there should be a countdown before closing or something similar. The program should give the user at least 5 seconds to change the auto close option. This is a bug and I have just added it to the things to be done in the next release (4.7)

The workaround is the following: (pasted from the reply to your email I have just sent)

You have to delete the file user.config that is located somewhere under C:\Users\YourUserName. Its exact location changes between versions of Windows. that is the reason I cannot be more precise. The best way to find it is to go to C:\Users\YourUserName and type user.config under the search box. If more than one user.config appears just check that this file is located under a folder which name starts with "Email Parser"

Regarding to the items you have created in the left panel of Email Parser, don't worry, they are saved in another place.

In my computer Windows has placed user.config here:
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