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I'm having trouble saving emails to file. If I select MSG as the format nothing is saved and if I select EML it saves a nearly blank file containing only:

MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Mailer: MailBee.NET
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

I've tried this with 5.2 and 5.3 with both and exchange and and IMAP account to both local folders and unc paths.

The debug for MSG format reads:
········ Running action saveEmail

[20-03-2019 13:30:23] [EmailParserBackend] OutputHandler::SendEvent(): item_is_running

········ Running action insertData

and for EML

········ Running action saveEmail

Saving email to \\<myserver>\<myShare>\Databases\Emails\AAMkADdiNWFhYmM0LWY(...).eml

[20-03-2019 13:34:26] [EmailParserBackend] OutputHandler::SendEvent(): item_is_running

········ Running action insertData

Everything else works fine.


Hi Gareth,

Yes, the Save email action is completely broken in the latest release. It seems it is not used very often as I have not noticed it before! Thanks for reporting this.

Well, it is now fixed. If you download and install the 5.3 Beta again it should work fine:

we just tried the 5.3 beta as suggested but had no luck. The email isn't saved using MSG or EML format either. The first leads to no output at all, the latter to an nearly empty file just containing a header information.

This is the output using MSG format:
Processing email WG: Test from XXX
Show email Process again
The email contains the following fields:

MessageId 165
From "XXX" <XXX>
To "Test IT" <XXX>
CC empty
BCC empty
Subject WG: Test
Body Von: XXXGesend ......
BodyHTML <html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="te ......
DateTimeSent 2019.03.14 14:36:15
RawHeader Received: from XXX ([XXX]) ......
DateTimeProcessed 2019/03/27 10:06:31

[27-03-2019 10:06:31] [EmailParserBackend] OutputHandler::SendEvent(): item_is_running

········ Running action Save Email

[27-03-2019 10:06:31] [EmailParserBackend] OutputHandler::SendEvent(): email_processed · 165

[27-03-2019 10:06:31] [EmailParserBackend] OutputHandler::SendEvent(): no_running_items
Finished. Show email Process again
[27-03-2019 10:06:31] [EmailParserBackend] Email processing took 24,9844 ms

[27-03-2019 10:06:31] [EmailParserBackend] Service::GetEmail()

[27-03-2019 10:06:31] [EmailParserBackend] Service::GetEmailLog()
Kind regards
Hello again,

we tried installing backwards, version by version until we were at V4.8. The save current email action is working there.

Unfortunately, we're unable to load the V5.x config file into V4.8 and inputting the whole configuration just by typing is not an option because of its size.

We need a quick solution, please.

Kind regards
Hi Manuel,
we need a quick solution, please.

Let's talk by phone (or Zoom meetings). I have just tested it again and, at least here, the 5.3 Beta is correctly saving emails.

By the way, what type of email source are you using? (IMAP, Gmail, Exchange...)
Hi Carlos,

thank you for your quick reply.

I've just made an appointment for a phone call tomorrow using my direct business mail address.

Our mail server is MS Exchange and we tried the POP, IMAP and Exchange connectors as email sources using V5.2.

Using V5.3 this morning we tried IMAP only.

For production use we need IMAP or Exchange in order to delete messages from the inbox.

Kind regards
Some more info:
  • Installed V5.3 beta (just downloaded) on another machine as trial installation
  • Added a single IMAP email source
  • Added a single save current email action, attached to the email source, set to store in MSG file format
Ran some tests using the above setup, leading to the same result: No file output, no visible processing error.
Here is a small update to this problem. For the visitors reaching this topic and wondering what happened.

I exchanged some emails with the customer and finally we realized what was wrong in the version 5.2 and 5.3 Beta. We fixed the bug in Email Parser, The customer installed the beta of 5.3 again and the problem was solved.
Thanks again for the fast and constructive support! :D
I've been on holiday but will try this now.. Thanks
This works now thanks