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I have reinstalled v5.1 on a WIndows server. Moved the Setting.xml file to the C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\EmailParser\ folder.

Now all looks ok. The software starts and the right settings are loaded.

If I now select [Running Mode] I see that the Windows Service is not installed.
I select [Connect to Email WIndows service] check [Transfer current source] and clck [Aplly changes]

I get this error:
[Cannot load Email Parser configuration from the file C:\Windows\TEMP\tmp3F4F.tmp.epsettings. Central Directory corrupt.]

Service is running.

If I go back to [Run in this applicaiton] all looks ok agian.
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I also see that the emailparser service is stopped.
Installed 5.2 and problem was solved. :D
Had to go back to 5.1 because of other issues.
So how to solve this?
I already tried restarting the service as well as tried to re-connect to the Windows service. Still not displaying our parsers and other stuffs. See attached images pls.

While I was adding some parsers, I noticed that the left panel greyed out and it cannot connect to the Windows Service. I simply clicked restart the service and tried re-connecting. I still don't see my parsers back so I logged off my user and tried to login to a different user. Since i'm on a different user, I had to switch the running mode to 'Connect Windows Service' which also failed.

We're using version 5.3 since 5.2 has an error in returning multiple SQL results.(per this post

Should we revert to 5.2? Is 5.2 now returning multiple SQL results? Pls help.
I have just talked by phone with the customer that posted the previous message and we were able to fix it.
It seems that when the user creates scripts in Email Parser and there is an infinite loop in any of them the backend (the process that run as a Windows Service) hangs.

This problem, in this case, was completely unrelated to the error of this topic. "Central directory corrupt" was another issue that happened in some computers and was fixed in the 5.2 release.