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Some of the windows have no Save or Close button and I don't know how to close them. When I try to enter the Product Key, I paste it in, but then there's no Close button... and hitting Enter doesn't do anything. So it won't TAKE the key, or save it in any way.

Also, in the Email Source Properties window, under Settings, if I put in IMAP as my email connection, and I click the folder icon to pick a folder, I get a box that has my folder come up. I'm connecting to gmail, so it's actually tags, but I see them okay. However, when I try to select a folder/tag set, and hit enter, or just escape, or anything else... the box will not close.

How do I get these boxes to close? I've been just ending the entire task on Windows, but I don't really want to do that on a regular basis. Plus, I'd like the product key to actually save before the 30 days are up.

Cynthia, have you configure windows to scale fonts in the control panel? This may be the issue. Email&Parser may not scale the contents windows properly.