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I need help writing an expression that can pull the required data into fields based on the text arriving in different patterns.

Name: JAMES, 1ST LT LABRON - Four values(last_name, title_1, title_2, first_name)

Name: KNOTS, PFC DON - Three values(last_name, title_1, first_name)

Name: BUILDER, BOB - Two Values(last_name, first_name)

For the first name and last name you have to use the rules you see in the screenshots that I have attached.

And for the titles I think we would need to know first which are the words we can find in those places. Something like this:

title_1: 1ST, 2ND...
title_2: LT, PFC, SGT...

With that info creating a rule to capture them is very easy, something like this (it is a regular expression)




I hope it helps