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Is anyone else having issues with trying to save configuration changes when set as a service?
Changing over to Service-based, and having the current good saved configuration, NOT import into service based?

I've got a good running config, running as open app.
I save the config to a location.

I click "Connect to Email Parser Windows Service", and Apply.
The configuration that is applied, is NOT the one that was previously running.

Scenario#2) I'm running as a service based config, and I want to change the properties of an Action step.
I open the app, click the step in question, and exit the app.
I restart service
The config is NOT saved, but reverts to it's previous setting

Background: Carlos did a remote support session this morning because I was having issues getting service-based to work: we worked on my application, and we DID get service based operation working, however, I didn't notice until later, that one setting was an older setting: so, I tried changing it, but the config will NOT save when running as a service.

1) Type the new path in the text file path, as usual
2) Type anything like a space and then remove it in the are below called Text to insert
3) Check that a small disk icon appears in the tab at the top of the window. This means that the changes are actually saved
Thanks for the update Rich.

For the folks finding this forum thread. This is fixed in version 5.2
I got the same kind of issue (5.1).
I used the Setting.xml file to load the settings. That seemed to work but now I cannot start the service any more.

I did install 5.2 and had to go back again to 5.1.

Will try to install 5.2 now to see if it is solved then.
Installing 5.2 did solve my problem.