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It looks like the software adds extra CRLFs to the Body field from a received email.

I am sending an email with a long text line.
If I look at the Email boy, it all looks ok.
See firste image: emailbody.PNG

But in the Body Field, extra CRLFs are added.
See second image: bodyField

This makes the output of the body not as wanted.

Is there a solution for this, so the body stays unchanges?
Btw I do use Capture text After.
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Hi Matthy,

I have done some tests here and it seems that it is the email client that sends the email that adds the line breaks in the plain text version of the Body. I don't know why but this is what it seems it happens.

I have written an email to myself using Gmail and once sent I have checked the sent email clicking on "show original". This way Gmail shows you the actual email code being sent. I have found that there were line breaks although I didn't actually typed them. Some screenshots attached.

Also, Thunderbird (another email app) seems to have the same issue with emails being sent from it:

So, I think that this is not an Email Parser issue. However, if you think it is please let me know. I have only spent 10 minutes on this and I may be wrong.

Do you know why in the email body windows of email parser, no line breaks are shown or seen?
See the image below in my post. And there are line breaks in the Filed tab.

I will do some more testing and report back.
Do you know why in the email body windows of email parser, no line breaks are shown or seen?

This is because it shows the HTML version of the email, not the plain text version. The CRLF adding seems to happen on the plain text version only.

Let me explain this a little further, just in the case someone reads this and do not understand what I mean.

Every email has two versions of the body. One in HTML, that supports different fonts, images, colors etc and one in plain text designed for old email apps and dumb phones. It seems that the CRLF adding happens only in the plain text version.

Email Parser stores the plain text version in the "Body" field and the HTML version in the "BodyHTML" field. Most of the examples of Email Parser use the "dumb" plain text version because as it lacks formatting, it is easier to parse.