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When I use IMAP, Email is only marked as read, but not removed from inbox.
When I use POP, the following error is shown

Deleting this email from the POP server
Deleting email
Error. Argument value is out of range..

I tested both in a PC and a server, with Email&PArser version 3.4

Delete Email from source is not working.gif
Hello Julian,

The error "value out of range" means that the message that Email&Parser is trying to delete an email that no longer exists in the POP server. This error message is a bit cryptic... it should be a bit more descriptive however.

The Gmail POP access has a quite different behavior from other POP servers. Once a message has been downloaded via POP it is no longer available for succesive connections. You can check this strange behavior configuring gmail POP in two email clients, for example, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. You will notice that once you download the emails from one, the other will find the mailbox empty.

For this reason, when Email&Parser connects again to the POP server to delete a given message that it has been downloaded just seconds before, the POP server says that this message no longer exists. This only is applied to POP, for IMAP or via web, the behavior is the usual, this does not happen.

Hopefully there is a workaround gmail provided for the users that do not like this: Typing "recent:" before your gmail user name (check out the screenshot)

however, it is strongly recommened to use IMAP instead of POP with gmail.
using "recent:" before gmail user name
Thank you regarding POP issue answer. I definitively will use IMAP

However, when I use IMAP mode, Email is not removed. It is only marked as read. I am using a Gmail account.

Hi Julian,

Thanks for reporting this. This time it was our fault ;) I have just fixed it. Please download again the version 3.4 from the Download section (you may have to uninstall the current version first)