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Let me start by saying that EmailParser has been one of the best purchases our company has made in recent times regarding optimization of e-mail handling.

I am however facing an issue with trying to configure en e-mail filter on the mailbox.
What I would like to do is to check the body of an e-mail for 3 possible bits of text:
  • brms recovery
  • brms tapes
  • brms rapport
To achieve this I have added an e-mail filter to the mailbox, selected the "Body must contain" option and entered the following RegEx:
Then I selected the checkbox next to "Evaluate the must contain conditions as regular expressions" but when I press Ok and I then open the filter again, the checkbox is no longer checked.
A similar RegEx is working just fine in my parser where I check for a list of Sender addresses.

As a work-around I've created 3 filters and then 1 additional filter combination but I would like to simplify this by using the RegEx functionality.
So if anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or if this is a bug that would be most helpful.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Tim,

Thanks for writting here and sorry for the late reply.

I have tested the "evaluate -must contain- conditions as regular expressions" in the current version (4.5) and as you noticed, the checkbox status is not saved. This is a bug that will be solved in the next release. Hopefully you have found a workaround.

The version 4.6 will come in a few weeks. I cannot give an exact date because it depends on how the development advance.