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I've got Email Parser running as a service but it won't run on a schedule. I've got it set to run every 4 minutes, and to download 10 emails each time, and to log the results. When I view the processing window nothing shows up after many minutes, and the log file is not updated.

It will run on a schedule when I convert it to run as an application.
Hey Colin,

What version of Email Parser are you using? You can see that under Preferences->About

I have a test machine where I run Email Parser 4.7 and tested it and it worked.
Yes I have 4.7 also. But now it is running on a schedule. I think the problem is my Preferences edits are lost when it runs as a service, I cannot change Preferences. My Preferences edits are saved when it runs as an application. I think it runs on a schedule now because I converted it to run as an application, changed the Preferences for it to run on a schedule, then converted it back to run as a service.
Just an update on this issue. For the visitors that reach this forum thread with the same problem.

The problem seems to have been fixed updating to 4.8