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Hey anyone can help?

i just tried to insert a mail into my postgres db with one field for the beginning:
INSERT INTO mailContent (from) VALUES ('<%From%>')
but the result is an error:
Error. ERROR [42601] FEHLER: Syntax error near »from«;
Error while executing the query.
can anyone help?


The FROM word is a reserverd keyword for SQL. You have to use other name for your column. For example:
INSERT INTO mailContent (email_from_field) VALUES ('<%From%>')
cheers! that's it!

now i get an error when i add the body fields to the script:
Code: Select allINSERT INTO public.mailcontent (id, mail_from, mail_to, mail_cc, mail_bcc, mail_subject, mail_body, mail_bodyhtml) VALUES ((SELECT MAX(id)+1 FROM public.mailcontent),'<%From%>','<%To%>','<%CC%>','<%BCC%>','<%Subject%>','<%Body%>','<%Body_HTML%>')
Code: Select allError. ERROR [42601] ERROR: Syntaxerror near »+«; Error while executing the query.
is there any way to get this done?

What database are you using? MySQL, SQL server?

I think that sentence should work fine. It seems to be constructed correctly. Have you tried running it directly in phpMyAdmin or SQL server management studio? Do you get any error?
Database is postgresSQL.

that code works fine on the db
Code: Select allINSERT INTO mailcontent(id, mail_from, mail_to, mail_cc, mail_bcc, mail_subject, mail_body, mail_bodyhtml, intrexx_import) VALUES ((SELECT MAX(id)+1 FROM public.mailcontent), '', '', '', '', 'Testimport', 'Thanks', '<div dir="ltr">Thanks</div>', false);
when i delete the both body fields, the query does all it should in the parser.
Any idea?
Problem fixed in using mssql now.
Great. Thanks for keeping us updated.