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My email parser have worked perfectly for many months. I havent changed anything (user name or password on gmail), but today I am getting an error message:
Error. Wrong account name and/or password. The server responded: MBN00000002 NO [ALERT] Please log in via your web browser: (Failure)..

Please help.

I guess you have not changed the password or anything but I would check the following:

- in the gmail settings if IMAP access is enabled or not
- if you are using two step authentication try creating an app specific password. This is done under the google account settings.

And you can also access you gmail emails using the Gmail API instead of IMAP. This is done in Email Parser, under the email source settings, choose “Gmail account” in the combo box

Please let me know if you find anything it may help other users as well. Thanks in advance
Many thanks for the reply - apologies for the late reply. I travelled for 2 weeks.
I have checked the gmail settings. All good. I dont use a two step authentication.
It seems that the Gmail API option is not available in my version. The following options are available:
IMAP Server
POP Server
Outlook Folder
File System Folder

Please advise

Many thanks
I have uninstalled and re-installed the email parser program. The "Gmail" option is now available.
However, when I go through the various steps of setting up the gmail source, it 'bombs out' when it asks me to allow Parser to read,send, delete edit, etc. my email.
Please advise?
it 'bombs out' when it asks me to allow Parser to read,send, delete edit, etc. my email.

Ok. in that case I think I would need to see that in action to know what could be wrong. Could you pick an hour in the link below to meet via the website chat (the icon at the lower right corner)? It would be the best way to fix this issue.