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Post here if you experience problems or get unexpected errors.
I have been parsing a gmail account for several months. I have experienced this error on occasion but usually if I rerun a few times I can get past it. I am not able to currently.
Connecting to the IMAP server at
Accessing folder INBOX
Getting email list
12:50:08 108 new emails
Processing the first 50 new messages. Leaving the rest for the next processing round.
Downloading email 1 of 50
Downloading email 2 of 50
12:50:29 Error. The read operation failed, see inner exception.
········ Finished

I updated to the latest version available from your download site this morning.

That error means that the Gmail server took too long to reply. This should happen only if you are experiencing problems with your internet connection. could you confirm if this can be indeed the problem?
I just tested internet speed on this machine: I had 32Mbs download, 4Mbs upload, ping response of 22ms. This is pretty typical for my network. I routinely connect to the machine running Email&Parser via RDP and never have any connectivity issues.

Every time it fails, it is always on the 2nd message.

I have tested it here with a gmail account and never had any problem. The only way I can think we can reproduce the same error here (and fix it) is to let us access to your gmail account. If you wan to do so the best way is to send us your Email&Parser configuration to . To save your config go to preferences->Backup and restore settings -> backup
I have emailed a link of the settings file.