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When trying to connect to a POP3 server I am getting the following error. (I've omitted the email address intentionally.)
········ Testing email source *****@*****.***

Error. Object reference not set to an instance of an object..
I get this error on three different servers, one of which is gmail. I'm not sure how to debug this further, and unfortunately I can not use IMAP to connect to the server I need to test on. It is outside of my control, and they will only enable POP.

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Update: I set up the SMTP server and after connecting and sending an email from between 1-3 times the POP connection starts to work. I find this behavior baffling. If I reboot I need to connect to the SMTP server a few times for the POP settings to catch again.

Thanks for reporting this problem. This seems to be a bug of the current version (4.6)

As I am unable to get the same error here, to know exactly what is wrong I would need to see the program running in your computer. Would you mind if we talk/chat by Skype with screen sharing enabled?

You can pick a time for this (whenever you want) here:

The other way, if you want me to fix this, is to ask by email some private details such as the POP server, user names, configuration, version of Windows, etc... much better and faster via Skype I think
My client is very security conscious so I'd need to get several approvals before something like that could happen.

No problem :) We can also continue by email if you want ( But the forum is great beacause other users can also participate and see what we write here.

It feels like to me some setting is being retained from a previous run,

Yes, the version 4.6 has some issues on saving the port and SSL settings on POP. I guess it is realated to the problem you are having. That bug has been fixed in the 4.7 version which is under beta testing now. You can download and see if it works from here:

Also, if you want to keep the current version (4.6) which is pretty stable (despite of this bug) you can directly edit the Email Parser configuration file and set the POP settings there. Some screenshots ahead. Just note that you have to keep Email Parser closed while you edit the file
configuration_file_path_1.jpg (54.08KiB)Viewed 642 times
configuration_file_path_2.jpg (40.98KiB)Viewed 642 times
editing_the_settings_file.jpg (213.69KiB)Viewed 642 times
What happened to my post that was detailing my problem more? It has disappeared, yet you responded to some of the items above. Strange.

The XML settings show no differences between runs and testing, so that does not seem to be the root of the problem. Additionally the beta version lacks testing functionality on the add email source and add action options, at least. There are two buttons, 'save and test', and 'save'. However only 'save' seems to do anything, but that is fine, its a beta. The problem with needing to run the process twice persist in the beta.

Overall I can tolerate the settings bug when using pop accounts, simply running the process twice fixes it.

Something that is more problematic is that emails forwarded from the pop accounts seem to not have a body. This problem does not exist for the IMAP option, and I have this problem in both the stable and beta versions of the application. Any information on that?

I appreciate all the work your doing, and I really like the program other than these problems.

Edit: I just tested version 4.5 that we have running on a server here doing a different task, and it does not have the issue of testing the pop address not working or needing to tun twice to connect. However, it still does not forward the message body when the origin email comes from the pop account. The body properly displays in the processing window.