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Post here if you experience problems or get unexpected errors.
In case you insert an SQL action with the following sentence:


Next actions can not see "CODE" field on the available fields on right side

Hi Julian,

It has been just fixed. You have to use the new installer file from the download section.

Note that you need to uninstall the current version of the program first.

Thanks for reporting this issue
I have already tested new version:

-The bug has fixed.
-However, there are available more fields than expected. I will show you with an example:

1. The following SQL is sent in first action:

SELECT NOMBRE,Replace('<%fecha%>','/','-') As Data FROM V_CONTACTOS

2. In the next action, I can see "NOMBRE" and "Data" fields, but also more elements that should be not shown.
Please see attached image
More fields than expected.jpg
See texte above
Thanks Julian. I will file this in the bug list.

I hope to finally get this working ;)