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Set up filter (called Site_NameFilter) to remove all spaces from captured text (called Site_Name) and replace the space(s) with an underscore "_".
  • The process should be to capture the data from the email into the Site_Name field.
  • Then filter the Site_Name field with the Site_NameFilter field.
  • In the Site_NameFilter I set Text Capture method to "Filtering and Replacing" and check the box for "Replace any of the following characters". In the field i put a single space, and in the "with this text" field I put a single underscore _
Interestingly , when I go to the testing area for Site_NameFilter by placing the text "FIRE TRAINING" the top, I get the expected result of "FIRE_TRAINING" in the output. All seems good, however,

Email History -> Processing Output -> the table under "The parser produced the following results:"
Site_NameFilter FIRE TRAINING <-------Should have underscore and no spaces between words

And the output of the field Site_NameFilter is missing the underscore after parsing a email.
Thanks for reporting this problem. Yes, the results on the testing area and the email history window do not match in this case. I will file this as a bug to be fixed