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I get the following error when I save and test the setup of a gmail account

········ Testing email source

Connecting to the Gmail account

Error. The access token has expired but we can't refresh it.
Changed my Google Mail account Security settings to less secure Application access and seems to have solved the problem.
Thanks for the information. May be we will need to change the way Email Parser uses the Gmail API to fix this.
getting the following error and don't know how to fix or what to fix

Error. Error:"invalid_request", Description:"Missing required parameter: refresh_token", Uri:"".

Thanks gkr28. It seems that the current Gmail support (as of version 4.6) is not working very well...

For the version 4.7 we have fixed some issues and also are using the latest version of the Gmail API.
If any one has this problem please download the 4.6 Beta from here:

and if the problem persists please post here (or send us an email)