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Not sure what is the problem here, but from the error the parser seems to think there is a substring call? Note, I changed the indentifying information in the pasted info.

[5/26/2011 11:49:06 AM] Email 2 of 6:
[5/26/2011 11:49:06 AM] Connecting to MySQL server
[5/26/2011 11:49:07 AM] Runing SQL sentence
[5/26/2011 11:49:08 AM] INSERT INTO masterdb.localoff
(email, RefID, Bride, Groom, phone, CeremonyDate, CeremonyTime, CeremonyLocation, CeremonyCity, CeremonyState, CeremonyType, OffType, OffGender, OffEthnic, Lang, Notes)
VALUES ('', '0526481510', 'Lisa', 'Jeffrey xxxx', 'xxx-xxx-xxxx', '06 / 11 / 2011', '4:00 P.M.', 'Private Residence', 'Rockville', 'Maryland', 'Civil', 'Wedding Officiant', 'No Preference', 'No Preference', 'English', '

Ceremony Wishes: Very small ceremony desired with 2 or 3 20-year-old children and a couple close friends attending. Ceremony will be at Lisa's home., Bethesda.
[5/26/2011 11:49:08 AM] Error. Index and length must refer to a location within the string.
Parameter name: length.
[5/26/2011 11:49:09 AM] Disconnecting from MySQL server
I believe the problem is the apostrophy. People use them all the time in contractions and possessives. MySQL doesn't like them in text fields and as far as I can tell there is no way to filter them in EmailParserToDatabase.