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I used an SQL Select which would return 3 columns. The rows would depend on how many row data passed the conditions set. I have attached the sample result as well as the Loop type that is supposed to read/grab each row result.
Unfortunately, it only returns only 1 row.
I have noticed that the sample result (2nd row) doesn't actually have a column name before it. Unlike with the displayed images here:

Please advise how can I grab the next row data when there's no column name before it.
sample result.JPG
sample result.JPG (19.67KiB)Viewed 2847 times
Action to Loop for each row result.JPG
Action to Loop for each row result.JPG (16.72KiB)Viewed 2847 times

It seems this question has been left unreplied by mistake....

Well, the customer contacted me by email and we found it was a bug in Email Parser 5.2. The version 5.3 Beta has this bug fixed: