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Since today the e-mail parser has stopped running on my server.
It's installed to run as a service and when I open the GUI I see the following message:
30-day trial period finished. Please, purchase a license key at

I've tried to reinstall the program but I don't receive a prompt to enter the license key. I've also completely removed the program and the service but when I install the program again I get the same issue.
I'm also unable to find an option in the interface to actually enter the license key again or maybe I'm missing something?
Any help would be very welcome.

That seems to be bug. What version and build date are you using? See Preferences->About

There is a workaround for this issue. You can can enter the license key pressing the F10 key and then selecting "show license key dialog"
Well, I just tried using F10 and entering the key again. I get the confirmation that the license is valid but still see the same error and the parser won't run.

My version and build date are:
Build 28/09/2017
Tim, please contact me via the website chat.
Just an update for someone reading this forum topic and having the same issue.

EmailParser runs in two separate processes. One handles the window (the user interface) and the other one handles everything that happens under the hood (the backend). The licensing system is kept in the backend and when you run it under a different user account it will ask you to enter the license key again.

This is expected to happen if you run Email Parser as a system service with an user account different than the default.

Tim was able to fix the issue installing the latest beta version and entering the license key again.