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I have been testing the Email parser for some time now and every time I'm able to get the results I'm looking for when I test on the parser level or within the parser on the field level. I got the expected matches for all of the fields (I use regular expressions) so that seems to work just fine. BUT.... when I run the whole workflow then I miss some of the fields (there are empty) so there seems to be a difference between the parsing in test mode and the parsing in the workflow. Can you please have a look at this issue (maybe I'm doing something totally wrong?)
Regards, J
Hello James,

Note that when you copy/paste the contents of an email in the test window some special characters such as line breaks or tabs are lost or changed. Depending how your parsing is done, how you use regular expressions etc this may affect you or not.
Ok, but how can I make sure that the correct text is in the testing environment? As far as I can see the only way to get text into the test is copy/paste. Maybe there should be an option for selecting the processed emails for testing purposes so that there is no need for copy/paste and thus avoid problems with special characters. It seems like testing is now a waste of time (the way I do it) ;-)

Regards, J
Yes, if the text changes between testing and actual processing testing is useless. Fortunately this is limited to some special characters.

I have in the To Do list some kind of textbox that allows the user to be aware of the tabs, new lines etc that actually are in the test input box. And also when he/she checks the email contents in the email history. This way he can spot the differences, if they are. Windows copy/paste sometimes do weird things and Email Parser cannot change that.
Maybe there should be an option for selecting the processed emails for testing purposes
Yes, that is a good idea. I would need to find a compromise on this without making the user interface too complex. Ease of use is a priority but sometimes...
how do I go about and test the regular expression now? The once I use now (I use regexBuddy 4 and Expresso to develop) do work just fine while testing but fail constantly when in the workfow. What's the work arround?

regards, J
Solved. Using the field option works just fine. Maybe that option should also be available for the test environment?