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Heres my sample email:

My email parser is as follows
custcode: starts line 1, char 0 - until EOL
empcode: starts line 2, char 0 - until EOL
(and so on)

What I am finding is that it seems to register the CR (Carriage return) after line 1 as the first char for line 2 and so the empcode when inserted into the MYSQl table starts with (what looks like a block char) - but is likely the asci for CR etc.

If I hard code the empcode in the database action (to a two char) employee - it works fine

Any ideas?
(I like the simplicity of putting one field per line with the first char of each line being the start of the data)

thanks - otherwise the program is working really well (and is exactly what I was looking for)

follow up

the only way I could get this to work properly is by delimiting the start and end of the fields as follows (and then checking for those conditions in email parser)
(and so on)
- so first field starts after "cust:" and continues until the following chars "#"
(and so on for the rest of the fields)

it requires a more complex email than I anticipated but does work.

(could not get it to work satisfactory by position alone - it always grabbed a CR - from somewhere)

Hello Julian,

Thanks for posting the problem and the update. Well, this is another fix that will be done in the next version that will be available in a couple of weeks (I will send you an email then)