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Hi there,

I'm trying to use regular expressions to extract information from a pdf file. That works just fine but there is one thing I can't get working properly.
The content (simple) reads:
[tab] 63XW3F (an identifier, always UPPERCASE)
[tab] 1x (quantifier always lowercase)
[tab] 2x (quantifier)

So I thought I use a very simple regex like
(?<=\t)\d{1,2}(?=x) to get the quantifiers with one or two digits. The last part of the regex should take care of the identifier (ignore it because of the UPPERCASE 'X') and select the '1' at first and then the '2' after that.

But when I run it the program returns 3 results (63, 1, 2) as I expect only 2 (1, 2)!
So is this a bug or is it something I do wrong? Working with version 4.5 (can't upgrade to 4.6)

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi James,

The text string "63" is also returned because the regular expressions in Email Parser are not case sensitive.
Try adding to the regular expression the line break characters \r or \n (or both):